Candida Diet Guidelines

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The diet cure

Here’s a helpful tip: Don’t think of yourself as being limited by a “diet”, no way! There is a lot to choose from. Have you checked out the Shopping List? This the good stuff!

Once you start eating the foods that naturally support your body’s metabolic functions while giving less fuel to the yeasts, you’ll begin to naturally strengthen your immune system. You’ll find that you start to crave the good stuff, and soon you won’t even miss the things you “gave up”, because you’ll be feeling so much better.

Some people experience die off symptoms , caused by the excess yeast dying and being expelled by the body. These symptoms can be pretty uncomfortable until they pass, but they tell you that its working!

You’ll want to stick with it, because after the die off passes you’ll start feeling good. Remarkably good.

At first you might think “this sucks, she’s nuts”, as you start saying “no” to your old go-to snacks, meals and treats. But your tune is going to change. Soon you will find there’s a new spring in your step. You’ll begin to notice that some little nagging symptoms you may have overlooked for months, even years, are magically disappearing.

As you’re going to see throughout this site, I have my own opinions about what to eat and what not to eat when trying out a natural candida cleanse protocol. I’m not an anti-carbohydrate person who wants people to eat only meat and cucumbers. ; )

From my background of close to 25 years of cooking for private clients with different body types, different constitutions, different lifestyles, different likes and dislikes, different activity levels, I understand there is not a one-menu-fits-all approach to achieving optimal health.

I do, however, have some strong opinions on what pretty much everyone under the sun should not be eating. The more time you spend here, the more familiar you will become with my version of Candida Diet Guidelines, and why they make sense not only to me but so many of my readers and visitors over the past 10 years here. Check out the testimonial page! And read on, you can do this!

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