Cancer preventive diet model plate, American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR)

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A Model Plate for a Cancer Preventive Diet

The New American Plate isn’t a diet or a complex system for calculating calories, fat grams or carbohydrates. It’s a fresh way of looking at what you eat every day. Create meals that lower your risk for cancer and other chronic diseases and manage your weight, at the same time.

How it Works

How does the New American Plate work? It’s simple. Look at your plate. Think about what foods you choose and how much of them you eat.

What you eat: Proportion

Aim for meals made up of 2/3 (or more) vegetables, fruits whole grains or beans and 1/3 (or less) animal protein.

How much you eat: Portion size

Portion sizes in America have gradually grown too large. USDA’s standard serving sizes help you assess the portions you eat. If you’re eating a packaged food, take a look at the serving size on the Nutrition Label. Then ask yourself how many standard servings go into the portion you regularly eat?

If you are overweight, consider gradually reducing that number. Controlling portion size at home and in restaurants makes a long-lasting difference in controlling your weight.

The Research

AICR’s reports on the global research find that that eating a plant-based diet – as in the New American Plate – may reduce the risk of cancer.

The reports conclude that maintaining a healthy weight is one of the most important things you can do to reduce your risk of cancer.

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