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Phase 1 – Attack

The Attack phase is short (2 to 7 days) and consists of 68 Pure Protein foods that can be eaten in unlimited quantities. This creates a kick-start to the diet and dramatic weight loss is achieved.

Phase 2 – Cruise

The Cruise phase adds 32 unlimited vegetables and will take you to your True Weight. Gradual, but steady, weight loss is achieved by evenly alternating Pure Protein days with Protein + Vegetables days. The average length of this phase is based on an average loss of 1 pound every 3 days.

Phase 3 – Consolidation

The Consolidation phase is designed to prevent the rebound effect by gradually returning foods such as fruit, cheese and bread, and allowing two starches and two �celebration” meals per week. During this time dieters are most vulnerable, as the body has a tendency to quickly regain lost pounds. This phase follows a strict timeline of 5 days per every pound lost.

Phase 4 – Stabilization

The Stabilization phase is the final maintenance stage of the diet and the one you will follow for the rest of your life. You will have learned how to eat healthy in the Consolidation phase and may return to eating whatever you like without regaining the weight, provided you follow 3 simple rules:

  1. Consume 3 Tablespoons of oat bran per day
  2. Choose to take the stairs whenever possible
  3. Have one Pure Protein day (following the Attack phase instructions) every week

Oat bran is the cornerstone of the Dukan Diet and is consumed daily in all phases. Oat bran creates a feeling of fullness, slows down sugar absorption, helps lower cholesterol, and absorbs and removes 5% of daily calorie intake.


Our Oat Bran Products are made with oat bran produced using Dr. Dukan’s proprietary Milling and Sifting Index M2bisB6™. This index allows for a perfect size and purity of bran particles, which increases oat brans absorptive qualities that help you feel full. Oat bran is eaten every day in the Dukan Diet and with all of our delicious options – several flavors of Bars, Cookies and Mixes and Oat Bran itself – you can have oat bran in a different form every day of the week and then some!

Dukan Diet snacks are healthy and made to take with you on-the-go. They come in resealable bags. From antioxidant powerhouse Goji Berries to our unique Freeze Dried Butternut Squash – our snacks are so delicious you won’t even realize how good they are for you!

Dukan Cuisine makes eating at home easy! Make a low carb pasta-like dish with our two kinds of low calorie noodles and low sodium tomato sauce.

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The Dukan Diet is a 4 Phase Program to lose the weight and keep it off forever. Read more about it here.

Dukan Diet Products are made with the healthiest ingredients available and have no added sugar, are low in sodium and are preservative and additive free.