Bodybuilding Books and Courses For Sale

clarence kennedy diet

Clarence kennedy diet

Here’s listings of bodybuilding books and courses that I am interested in selling.

Everything is first come, first served – meaning that the first person who shoots me an email about a given item. (“First” means “the first email in my inbox.)

So if you’re interested in anything, do not delay. Shoot me an email at and ask about availability and prices per item(s). Include your shipping address so I can calculate shipping and handling. And be sure to tell me if you use PayPal. That’s the easiest way to handle the payment.

Abdominal Training Library

Absolution (Shawn Phillips)

Beyond Crunches (Pavel Tsatsouline)

Six-Pack Abs in 60 Days (Robert Kennedy)

Thinning Your Waist (Don Ross)

Iron Mind: Stronger Minds & Bodies (Randall Strossen)

Winning Ways: How To Succeed In The Gym And Out

Bodybuilding Supplement Guide (Iron Man Publishing)

Lab Test Review (Advanced Supplement Testing Systems)

Sports Supplement Review (Bill Philips)

Javorek “Complex” Conditioning (Istvan Javorek)

Attack Proof (Perkins-Ridenhour-Kovsky)

Social Chaos Survival Guide

R.I.P.P.ED. FAT-LOSS BOOK (Craig Stevenson)

MASS HARDCORE BOOK (Craig Stevenson)


The Development of Physical Power (Arthur Saxon)

Muscular Arms and Shoulders (Harry B. Paschall)

Development of Strength (Harry B. Paschall)

Physical Training Simplified (Mark H. Berry)

The Key to Might and Muscle (George F. Jowett)

Jowett Institute of Physical Culture Course

Super-Strength (Alan Calvert)

How To Develop A Powerful Grip (Ed Aston)

Developing The Grip and Forearm (Thomas Inch)

Developing A Powerful Grip (Strength & Health Publishing)

Grip Development (Prof E.M. Orlick)

Milo Barbell Courses 1, 2 and Advanced

The Mark Berry Barbell Courses

The Henry Higgins Strength and Muscle Course

+ Red Font -William Hinbern Reprints

How To Write Strength Training Programs (Ian King)

So You Want To Become a Strength & Conditioning Coach?

Iron Man’s Ultimate Guide To Building Muscle Mass

Iron Man’s Ultimate Guide To Natural Bodybuilding

Explosive Growth! (Thorne & Embleton)

Optimum Strength & Power Training (Patrick O’Shea)

Facts and Fallacies Of Fitness (Mel C. Siff)

Get Lean (Keith Klein & Lee Labrada)

Maximize Your Training (Matt Brzycki)

Speed-Strength Training For Football (E.J. “Doc” Kreis)

Brother Iron Sister Steel (Dave Draper)

Iron On My Mind (Dave Draper)

NO2 The 21-Day Transformation (Ed Byrd)

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