Body Redesigning by Joseph Christiano, Blood Type Diet

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Dr.christiano blood type diet

Over the years its goal has been to broaden its scope of products and services so to reach more people who are interested in personal health and wellness. Its business model has evolved from operating private one-on-one personal fitness studios in Central Florida, health and fitness seminars throughout the USA, Canada and the Caribbean to a global market by offering its products and services on the internet.

As a company it heard from its esteemed customers who like all health conscious individuals, were serious about their health and wanted to know if there would be a line of nutritional products. So in response to its customer’s health concerns, Dr. Joseph Christiano, the owner of Body Redesigning was prompted to make available Body Genetics® – his complete line of dietary supplements.

In addition to its line of dietary supplements, books, health related resources, products and services it remains focused on placing emphasis on one’s genetic individuality. It holds true to an individualized approach to eating and exercising by factoring in one’s genetic individuality; blood types and body types.

As a general consensus its customers sense a true concern and level of commitment from Body Redesigning. It has always been a motto of Body Redesigning to assist, inform, encourage and supply its customers with every means possible to enhance their learning, application and success of healthier lifestyle practices.

As an added feature, Body Redesigning by Joseph Christiano® has made available, ‘Team Up’, its online Health and Fitness Life Coaching service. Now any customer throughout the world can take advantage of hearing from Dr. Christiano by participating in his online coaching sessions to further advance their success in achieving their healthy lifestyle goals.

Please take time to browse around and see where we can best serve you. Take advantage of all that is available and remember that you are a ‘welcomed’ guest!

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