Best Vitiligo Treatment in India, Leucoderma

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Vitiligo/Leucoderma Specialist Treatment Delhi India

Vitiligo is skin depigmentation in which white patches on skin develop in any part of the body. Due to the destruction of pigment-forming cells called melanocytes, skin loses its color. These white spots can erupt on the face, hands, feet, eyelashes, back, simply anywhere! Vitiligo has a slow healing process and can take months if effective treatment is not undertaken

Causes of vitiligo

Numerous internal and external factors can cause Vitiligo but a detailed introspection shows how it is triggered by autoimmune disorder and genetic inheritance. These could also be various reasons like depression, stress or unhealthy living. Ayurvedic texts has mentioned causing factors and triggers of this disease in details .Liver problems, exorbitant antibiotic use, environmental and family conditions also add to this condition. Maintaining a disciplined lifestyle, avoiding tight clothing ,yoga .ayurvedic medication and living in a radiation free atmosphere can relieve its symptoms. Read More..

Do all white patches reflect vitiligo?

All white patches are not a case of vitiligo. Similar lesions occur in tropical climates, Tinea Alba ,lichen sclerosis happens when you have the hormonal imbalance. Likewise, scleroderma, leprosy and Addison’s disease all have different causes and symptoms but similar appearance. Some fungal infections like tinea versicolor looks similar to vitiligo and should be ruled out before starting treatment.leprosy is also similar in looks but skin in this case looses its sensation.

So a careful observation is required to diagnose the disease before starting the treatment.

How can we diagnosis if it is vitiligo?

We can use Woody’s lamp having ultraviolet light onto the skin to determine whether you have vitiligo or psoriasis. A medical test of skin biopsy can help reach the diagnosis. Additionally, garnering personal and family medical background also are efficacious. Lab tests can reflect if the person has underlying autoimmune conditions, such as anemia or diabetes,Thyroid and can help make diagnoses. At kayakalp working on vitiligo since 15 years we have have expertise in diagnosing and treating this disease.

This study warrants extensive discussion and research but for the vitiligo treatment, a visit to a good dermatologist becomes even mandatory.

How do I get the treatment?

Being a skin condition, vitiligo is an effect of autoimmune disorder, genetic and environmental factors. While allopathy has the risk of reaction/side effects and homeopathy is too slow to start its effect, Ayurveda is a much safer option. After 15 long years of research, we at Kayakalp have developed a thorough understanding of human body psychology. With the combination of Ayurveda and external modern medication therapy, Kayakalp has successfully transitioned this approach into an effective treatment plan for Vitiligo. Read More..

What are type of White Patch?

VitiligoVitiligo generally can be classified in two types 1.stable vitiligo 2. spreading vitiligo.

depending upon the location of white patches it can be classified as segmental vitiligo where vitiligo stays on one side of body and non segmental or generalized vitiligo.

treatment also depends upon type of vitiligo Read More

Best Vitiligo Treatment in India

Kayakalp global is considered best Ayurvedic clinic for vitiligo treatment as we are working on this disease since last 15 years and with more than 20000 patients treated so far.

We are taking in account all the possible causes and triggers of disease and treatment plan is designed accordingly.

Dr. Dhawan personally examine all the patients and prepare plan for each patients.

Dedicated team is there to guide you during your process of sun exposure and course of treatment.

Disease specific diet plans are prepared by vitiligo specialist and re search is key to success at kayakalp Global.

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