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Keto Diet Funny Memes

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Everyone love reading funny memes. At, we also have a collection of Keto memes for Ketoers to enjoy. Let’s see if you can relate to these:

…You know the feeling when you finally achieve ketosis

Just another struggling couple…

Yup! Not gonna buy new clothes until you hit your final weight goal!

the moment you found about high fat diet can help you lose weight…

…When you track macros for everything

…The face you make when people say it’s not healthy to eat fat…

…When you realize you forgot your macros after you finish your meals

…gotta be precise with your macros at the end of the day

…the feeling you get when you no longer need to eat carbs to survive…

When life put a test on your keto skills and you almost fall for it…

…When someone tells you that they’re not eating enough fat…

..when you went over your carbs today and felt like you live your life dangerously…

…when you cut sugar and carbs from your diet…

..cheating on keto be like…

…When someone dare you to eat fat to lose weight…

…diet forecast of the day!

…you know the happy feeling when you still have carbs left…

…Avoiding carbs in your food be like…

who says keto is not sustainable? watch me!

…when you have to say NO to your date…

..when you do the opposite of what they say to stay healthy…

…When you tell your friends there’s 1g of net carb in that dressing

Yes! we burn fat to get energy, not sugar or carbs

…the feeling you get when people keep convincing you to eat carbs to live…

…when keto keeps you full all day long…

…when you realize sugar is as addictive as drug

when you 2 days in and your boss says you’re grumpy…

…that feeling when you discover a new low0carb food…

…when you know the truth about carbs

do the opposite of what they say…

Keto critics and the naysayers will say this image is photoshopped. 😂

Keto critics will convince you that the weight loss is WATER loss. 😂

Life of a Ketoer 😅😂💯

The moment you have to tell your family at the dinner table that you don’t eat rice, bread, pasta, noodles or any grains anymore….

the struggle is real!

when you need to figure everything out…

Ketosis explained in a nutshell

When things start to get serious…

Ain’t nobody got time for carbs

Exercise control in your macros

I’m not always in ketosis meme

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