BBC Radio 4 – Sunday, Archbishop of Canterbury in the Middle East, Mindfulness in School, Benedictine Monks and Diet

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The Archbishop of Canterbury talks about his tour of the Middle East, mindfulness for children in school, and faith and politics are some of the topics.

A new study suggest medieval Benedictine Monks aided the evolution of the modern chicken because of their dietary rules discouraging the consumption of four-legged animals. Edward talks to the author, Anders Erikson and Dr Andrew Jotiscky, from the University of London

The Archbishop of Canterbury is half way through a twelve day trip to the Middle East. During a visit to a refugee camp in Jordan he said Christians in the region “are the past, they are the present and they must be the future.” Our Middle East Correspondent, Yolande Knell reports.

To mark the first anniversary of the death of MP Jo Cox this June, her husband Brendan is launching the Great Get Together. The initiative is designed to bring people from all faiths and none together in an attempt to bring diverse communities together. Bob Walker reports.

Father Andrew Forshew-Cain who was the first Church of England vicar to be in a same sex marriage is leaving his north London Parish. He tells Edward why he believes the Church of England is in a ‘mess’ and out of step with wider society.

Kati Whitaker visits the the Dharma primary school in Brighton where pupils practice mindfulness to help with the stress of exams and school life.

Archbishop Peter Jensen explains why the Global Anglican Futures Conference (GAFCON) have decided to create the post of a missionary Bishop based in England.

What role should faith play in politics? The Bishop of Leeds, Nick Baines, talks to Edward followed by a discussion with Theo Hobson, theologian and writer and Andrew Copson, chief executive of the British Humanist association.

Producers: Carmel Lonergan
David Cook
Editor: Amanda Hancox.

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