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The Impossible Burger – A delicious burger for meat-lovers made from simple, all-natural, plant based ingredients including plant derived heme. Heme is what makes the Impossible Burger smell, sizzle, and taste gloriously meaty.

The Impossible Burger contains no animal products; it does contain gluten and soy.

add a burger patty

add a turkey patty

Build Your Own Burgers

Bologna, Brats & Other

Big Salads

add chicken, a burger patty, or turkey burger patty to any salad $6.24

add a veggie burger
to any salad $4.24

add an Impossible Burger patty
to any salad $6.99

Bad A✭✭ Shakes

S > Lola Fries thin cut fries with rosemary $4.29 Pork Cracklings $3.99 Porky Fries pulled pork, cheese whiz, pickled chilies $9.29 B Spot Onion Rings $7.29 Simple Salad romaine, radicchio, tomato, cucumber & red wine vinaigrette $5.29

K > includes choice of a s >$5.99

Don’t Forget

We offer call ahead seating

You may now call up to 1 hour before you arrive & have your name added to our wait list. It’s that easy!

pepsi, diet pepsi, sprite, ginger ale, cranberry juice, orange juice, apple juice, iced tea, housemade lemonade
(Lemonade refills $.75)

All fried items cooked in lard.

A 20% gratuity will be added to parties of six or more.

Note: Consumption of raw or undercooked foods may cause food borne illness.

Merch & Cookbooks

Check out our line of shirts, hats, signed Michael Symon cookbooks & other B Spot apparel.

Symon House

Planning a visit to Cleveland, Ohio? Stay at the Symon House in Cleveland’s historic Tremont neighborhood.

Gift Cards

Valid at most Michael Symon Restaurants

We’re sorry, but at this time gift cards are not accepted at sporting arenas, casinos, or airport locations.

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