Ayurveda and Autoimmune Diseases

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There is not one, but many reasons for you to begin with this course, not just today, but right away.

  • Of course, the cost advantage with the discount is huge and why would you not want to study such an interesting, in-depth and useful program and yet get to save quite a bit?
  • What you cannot even begin to put a price on, is the invaluable discovery of a genuine, warm and wise practitioner whose life’s mission is to heal, whose vision is broad-minded and truly integrative, and who transforms lives every day in his clinical practice at one of the world’s best integrative medicine institutes. The approachable warmth of Dr. Akil’s person a instantly puts you at ease and suffuses you with positive energy and a hope to heal … that is the first step of recovery already taken just by watching his video or reading about his program. Imagine the difference viewing his entire course can make to your life!

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