Authentic Mexican Chicken Soup Recipe, Divas Can Cook

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Mexican Chicken Soup

I have been nailing the mexican chicken soup at Casa Grande lately. They are not shy about loading it with tons of chicken, avocado, fresh veggies and cilantro and the portions are huge. After I had this soup twice in one week I figured it was time I learned how to make it at home. I knew it would be pretty easy to recreate this Mexican chicken soup being that the ingredients were so simple.

I headed to the store and loaded up my cart with some chicken breast, long grain rice, fresh cilantro, red onions, celery, jalepenos, carrots, avocados, tomatoes, limes, green bell peppers, sweet corn, and chicken broth (just in case I didn’t have enough in the freezer) Yep this soup is loaded with a lot of good things that will make your body and taste buds happy! Make this for somebody that you love. They will appreciate all the fresh, delicious ingredients and the time you put into creating it.

I was little nervous about what my husband would think of it. He is a huge Mexican food lover and orders this soup when we go out. He took one bite, gave me a Gordon Ramsey look and instantly held up two thumbs. I knew it was a winner to make it past my toughest critic. His only suggestion, ” need more jalapeños”. Normally I would have thrown something at his head and said “well next time make your own damn soup!” , but I totally agree. However since I was making this for Isaac as well, I knew he would not eat it if it had that spicy kick to it.

We pretty much finish up the whole pot in one day. It’s one of those soups that REALLY fills you up but you just can’t stop eating it even though it feels like your gut is going to explode. And for some reason it doesn’t seem to last that long in the belly. After my first bowl an hour later I was craving another.

NOTE: Using a good, savory, bold broth is important. I’m using a homemade broth in this recipe. I have a homemade broth recipe on my chicken noodle soup video, but you can fake homemade broth. Add store-bought broth to a large pot. Add in 2-4 whole carrots, 2-3 stalks of celery, half a onion, a handful of fresh parsley and 3 garlic cloves. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer for 30 minutes. Strain and it’s ready to use. It tastes just like homemade broth that’s been simmering away on the stove for hours.

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