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Athlete Performance is Wisconsin’s premier athletic training provider. Our trainers work with young athletes seeking to build a solid foundation and seasoned professionals looking to get an edge at the highest levels of competition.

Our world class facility, staff, and programs ensure that you can reach your maximum potential, maintain your performance, and excel on the field of play.

Programs for Individuals & Teams

We offer training programs for individual athletes seeking one-on-one attention to focus on improving specific goals. We also work with teams to improve and polish areas of strength, speed, and agility. Athlete Performance trainers can design programs to meet any athletic needs.

Of course, you don’t have to ban an athlete to benefit from AP’s commitment to providing leading fitness training. Our trainers can help any individual achieve their personal health and fitness goals via personal training, nutrition and diet education, and fitness consultation.

Steve Becker

Our training programs are designed and engineered by owner and Senior Trainer, Steve Becker. Steve brings over a decade of experience working with athletes at the highest levels of competition. Since opening Athlete Performance, Steve’s detailed and tested approach to training has helped athletes at countless universities and professional teams across a wide range of sports. Steve’s vast experience and continued hunger for knowledge has propelled Athlete Performance to a reputation as a world-class training facility and enabled our athletes to reach greater heights in their performance.

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