Arnold Schwarzenegger Blueprint Trainer Day 3

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Blueprint Trainer Day 3

Abs every day? This is how Arnold trained. Feel the burn and let it work for you like it did for him.

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You may have heard stories about how Arnold and the other early greats like Dave Draper and Ed Corney would sometimes engage in impromptu competitions, such as squat-offs, that would leave them gasping on the floor. There’s a time and a place to flip the crazy switch, but that time isn’t now. While you’re progressing through the early stages of the Blueprint, listen to Frank Zane, who told in 2008 how he and Arnold trained together.

“We never really challenged one another,” he recalled. “Basically, when we did a set it was all about working up in weight for every set, and we would do about four or five sets. We just did what we thought we could do on that set.”

Arnold had incredible intensity when it came to squats, but even he only attempted max lifts when he felt confident about the outcome. During this program, push hard in every set of every workout, and if things are going especially well, don’t be afraid to push to a max-effort set.

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