Anti-Mating Aprons for Goat and Sheep: The Bacchus Johnson Anti-Breeding Aprons for Ram and Buck

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Anti-Mating Goat and Sheep Apron

The Bacchus Johnson Shield is an effective and affordable option for goat and sheep owners. This anti-mating apron works to prevent unwanted breeding and help with urine scald.

  • The heavy duty 1 inch strap and coated nylon fabric on this anti-mating sheep apron makes it durable as well as water and urine resistant.
  • All of these anti-mating aprons for goats are hand-sewn to order and all workmanship is guaranteed from defects for 30 days.
  • Many of our customers claim that this anti-mating goat apron has led to zero accidents and unwanted breeding.
  • The bright colors make it easy to spot them in fields.

It is a safe and efficient solution to an otherwise difficult problem!

The Bacchus Johnson Shield simply straps around the waist of your sheep or goat and stays secured for as long as needed. It’s weighted in the middle and will center itself on the goat’s body as it moves. The preventative abilities of this practical anti-mating apron for sheep continue to impress our customers every day, so get yours now! Patent Pending 62/392771

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