Alpine Adventure Trek

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Alpine Adventure
Tahosa High Adventure Base

Snow Sliding . . . Summitting And . . . Rock Climbing

For those troops or crews looking for a more adventurous summer camp experience, look no further than Alpine Adventure, an extreme backpacking experience based out of Tahosa High Adventure Base.

This high adventure program is geared towards older Scouts who are looking for a true mountaineering adventure. Glissade down snow fields, rock climb in a true backcountry environment, learn about weather patterns and ecology of the area, summit peaks of over 13,000 feet in elevation and experience the backcountry adventure of a lifetime!

Check Out A Spectacular View – Hike Alpine Adventure

Participants will hike thirty to fifty miles over the course of a week in the Indian Peaks Wilderness. Each Adventure will be accompanied by a trained guide, who will educate Scouts about mountaineering skills and practices. Throughout the week, Scouts will learn how to work as a team, develop leadership skills, increase their self-confidence, and advance their outdoor skills, all while hiking through the unspoiled scenery of the Rocky Mountains.

Alpine Adventure . . . No Roads Here

Traverse steep and rocky trails as your Adventure weaves along Continental Divide, bagging a few 13,000 feet peaks in the process. Learn teamwork and group problem solving skills as Scouts fill the major day-to-day leadership positions; making decisions from which route to take, where to pitch camp for the evening, and dividing out campsite chores like cooking and cleaning. There is no better program out there to reinforce and strength patrol unity!

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