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Beauty in a tube? Consumers wise up to the importance of sleep and nutrition

05-Jun-2019 By Nikki Cutler

Skincare consumers rate sleep and nutrition as the most important factors for a healthy glow and consider vitamins more effective than collagen, according to new research from Lycored.

New in nutricosmetics: Indian firm VLCC to drive growth with beauty-from-within range after direct-selling deal

05-Jun-2019 By Cheryl Tay

Indian firm VLCC Wellness is preparing for domestic and international expansion with its first launch under its VLCC Wellscience banner – a new range of nutricosmetics.

UK site acquisition strengthens KD Pharma’s omega-3 capacity

04-Jun-2019 By Nathan Gray

Global omega-3 player KD Pharma says the new site at Seal Sands will expand its capacity for manufacturing omega-3-based intermediates, especially for those use in producing active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).

Nagase Group seals deal to buy Prinova

04-Jun-2019 By Nathan Gray

Prinova Group will be acquired by leading Japanese chemical trading firm Nagase Group, the company has confirmed.

EC report sets out gu > 04-Jun-2019 By Will Chu

The European Commission (EC) releases a report offering scientific guidance to help meet the growing global demand for seaweed species now accepted as novel food.

Caffeine cleared? Energy drinks’ heart effects may not be stimulant’s fault, says study

04-Jun-2019 By Will Chu

The interaction of common ingredients contained in energy drinks may have a bigger say in the beverage’s effects on cardiovascular factors that affect the heart rhythm, a US study concludes.

Can increased potassium intake help with weight loss?

03-Jun-2019 By Adi Menayang

Researchers in Israel reported that participants in a dieting study who showed greater Body Mass Index (BMI) decreases had higher potassium intakes than those with modest BMI decreases.

Probiotic supplementation may reduce GI symptoms during a marathon, says study

03-Jun-2019 By Will Chu

Probiotic supplementation appears to be a promising strategy to lessen the incidence and severity of gastrointestinal (GI) symptoms in endurance runners, according to a study.

Study finds vitamin E levels, physical activity, correlated with better cognitive performance in adolescents

03-Jun-2019 By Adi Menayang

Out of 120 school students analyzed by Saudi researchers, academic performance was higher for students classified as moderately or highly active physically. Serum levels of vitamin E were also higher in the more active students.

Food supplement regulation and policy: Five things to look out for

03-Jun-2019 By By Simon Pettman, Executive Director of IADSA, the International Alliance of Dietary/Food Supplement Associations

With major regulatory and policy developments on the horizon all over the world, it is a significant time for the dietary supplement sector. IADSA shares its five key things to look out for moving forward.

Editor’s spotlight: Startup Focus

My shiny object syndrome: Health entrepreneur reveals how he nearly lost it all

03-Jun-2019 By Nikki Cutler

A sports nutrition brand consultant turned omega 3 brand founder has revealed how he learnt the hard way not to let enthusiasm take over after nearly losing everything through rapid expansion.

EU biotech firms unite in pushing for ‘harmonised’ microbiome therapeutics regulation

03-Jun-2019 By Will Chu

European microbiome firms are to collaborate to agree pan-EU regulation for microbiome-based therapeutics in efforts to keep pace with advances made in Faecal Microbiota Transplantation (FMT).

‘Do less and do differently’: Why innovation and reduction are both crucial for sustainability — DSM nutrition CEO

03-Jun-2019 By Gary Scattergood

Extensive investment in innovation to develop more sustainable products, as well as ambitious CO2 reduction targets directly linked to the company’s bottom line, are two of the key strategies DSM is adopting as part of its sustainability efforts.

Insufficient scientific research & labeling constraints could limit use of CBD in food, supplements

03-Jun-2019 By Elizabeth Crawford

When it comes to legally marketing conventional food and dietary supplements with CBD and other cannabis-derived compounds, FDA and industry appear stuck in a catch-22.

Research revealed: Sports nutrition cleans up to appeal to the masses

31-May-2019 By Nikki Cutler

The future of sports nutrition is in clean label, as brands work to improve their quality credentials and appeal to a wider audience, says a new deep-dive research report from Lumina Intelligence.

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