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About Doug Kaufmann

Can Doug Answer My Question?

While Doug does not do personal consultations, there is a place on our website where you can suggest show topics. While this does not guarantee your question will get answered, it will give the writers and producers of the show > Contact us with your suggestions.

Does Doug do Consults?

Unfortunately, Doug does not do personal consults anymore. The responsibilities of running a business and having a daily talk show leave Doug with no time to give consultations.

However, in addition to the information you can get via the show and books, you can also check out our health blog and recipe section on the website. Also be sure and join us on Facebook!

How to Contact Doug

Due to the volume of response Doug’s books and the Know The Cause television show have generated, it is impossible to contact Doug directly. Doug has decided that the best way to help the maximum amount of people is to educate via various media outlets. In addition to owning and running the Mediatrition business, writing books and occasionally lecturing, Doug must shoot new content for the show on a daily basis. The time constraints inherent with such responsibilities do not permit Doug to give personal consultations anymore.

Where to Find the Show

The Know the Cause Television show is the most viewable health talk show in America. With distribution on Dish TV, Direct TV, Sky Angel and in major markets in New York and Los Angeles, you can always get your daily dose of Doug! Check your local listings for availability. And don’t forget; if you happen to miss a day, you can always find the daily show right here on our website!

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