A Facebook executive says fasting for 15 hours a day changed his life

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A Facebook executive says fasting for 15 hours a day changed his life — here’s his daily routine

De rente blijft mogelijk nog heel lang laag – dit zijn de gevolgen voor je hypotheek, spaargeld, pensioen en autofinanciering

Most days begin the same. He wakes around 6 a.m. and takes a quick run around the neighborhood while listening to Kanye West. After getting his kids ready for school and guzzling a large cup of green tea, he arrives at Facebook’s Menlo Park, California, campus.

His first meal comes at 9 a.m. Zigmond grabs a bowl of oatmeal topped with Greek yogurt from Facebook’s cafeteria, and he sometimes adds a handful of granola, blueberries, or bananas.

“I try to take half an hour for breakfast, without doing any work,” Zigmond said.

Through a morning of meetings and writing at his desk, Zigmond tries to stay hydrated by drinking an unsweetened iced tea. When lunch rolls around at noon, he leaves his desk for a full hour and finds a lunch-buddy with whom he can talk about “non-work” stuff.

“I’m very flexible about what I eat at lunch – there’s no rules at all,” Zigmond said. “Yesterday I had pizza. My favorite is Indian food, but I have to bike over to the other campus for that, so only do that maybe once a week.”

In the afternoon, he conducts one-on-one meetings with members of his team, preferably outside. Zigmond walks over 15,000 steps, about seven miles, on a typical work day.

A ginger shot from a nearby juice bar gives him a 3 p.m. boost.

At 5:30, Zigmond gets dinner from the company’s extensive cafeteria. Dinner tends to be his smallest meal, since he eats so heartily at lunchtime.

“Often I’ll just make a sandwich, which is what I did yesterday. Other times I’ll grab a bowl of rice and curry from the cafeteria,” he said.

He leaves the office around 7 p.m. to run errands or pick up his daughter from dance. A cup of herbal tea tops off the day. (“I drink a lot of tea.”) Lights out at 10 p.m.

Zigmond, who co-authored a book, “Buddha’s Diet: The Ancient Art of Losing Weight Without Losing Your Mind,” has no plans to change his diet – or lack thereof – anytime soon.

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