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Buckwheat diet

The buckwheat diet is very hard but effective.

For a couple of weeks you have to eat only specially cooked buckwheat.

How is buckwheat cooked?

Take a cup of buckwheat, pour some boiling water in it and leave to infuse overnight.

The buckwheat can be eaten with 1 % kefir but not more than 1 litre per day.

This regime of nutrition is advised for a couple of weeks after that stop for a month to avoid habituation.

How will you keep the achieved results?

Don’t forget that for keeping the achieved result from the buckwheat diet, it is necessary to eat not more than 600 calories per day during some days. After that twice increase the number of admissible calories and you must eat in such a way for ten days.

The effectiveness of the buckwheat diet

The buckwheat diet becomes more and more popular. About 60 % of people who have tried different diets, recognize that this diet is one of the most effective.

The action of the buckwheat diet: weight loss and cleansing the body.

The result of the buckwheat diet: 7-12 kg for one-two weeks.

The necessary products for the buckwheat diet: buckwheat, yoghourt, fruits, low-fat yoghourt, multivitamins.

The details of cooking the buckwheat

One glass of the buckwheat fill (in the evening) with 2 glasses of boiling water. In the morning drain the remaining. You can eat the buckwheat as much as you like but with a minimal addition of salt.

With this diet you need to know these rules:

-You should eat porridge made from buckwheat, drinking 1 % yoghourt (1 litre per day)

-Drink water, mineral or regular (2 litres per day)

-You can drink tea or coffee (the total amount of liquid shouldn’t exceed 3 litres per day).

-You can eat fruits but not more than 2 pieces of each such as apples, for example.

-If hunger is inexorable, it is possible to drink half of glass of yoghourt diluted with mineral water before going to bed.

-You may eat to 150 gr. of yoghourt per day.

-Alcohol is better to eliminate completely.

-During the diet and after it you may take multivitamins, at least one month.

-After 14 days of the diet, your body needs a rest to avoid habituation to the buckwheat.

-Repeat the diet to consolidate the results you can in two weeks.

The consultation with a doctor before the beginning of the diet is obligatory!

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